Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security
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Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security

We have a lot of confidential corporate information in our office that we need to keep secure. Having key codes is hard because a lot of the staff forget them regularly and end up writing them down, which ends up making our office a lot less safe! As a result, we have switched to using fingerprint and facial recognition security which is working a lot better. It's not like people can forget to bring their faces into work! This blog has some tips on how to switch your office to using more modern security options like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security.

Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security

Locking Systems You Can Choose For Double Hung Windows

Armando Davis

One of the more popular designs homeowners choose for their windows are double hung windows. However, despite their aesthetic value and functionality, this type of window design is not particularly secure. As such, if you would like to enhance the security of your home, then you should consider locking systems for your double hung windows. There are a number of different systems that you can choose for these windows. The different options available can give you the flexibility to leave your windows partially open or have them completely shut. The following are some of the locking systems that you could choose for your double hung windows.

Keyed locking systems

As the name suggests, to open and close your windows with this window system, you would need to use a key. The lock is typically installed on the bottom sash of the top rail of the double hung windows. In addition to the locking system, the locksmith will also install bolt-action locks. These locks are mounted on either side of the frame. They function by inserting bolts into the frame when you lock the windows, hence keeping them secured in place. With keyed locking system, you have the option of either keeping the double hung windows closed or open at a pre-set position.

If you would like maximum flexibility with opening and closing the windows, you could opt for multi-point keyed systems. These systems enable you to lock your double hung windows in varying pre-set positions rather than having them completely shut. For further convenience, you can have the locksmith fit the same lock in all the windows, which would enable you to use the same key to open and close all the double hung windows in your home.

Swivel-action locking systems

These types of locking systems are typically installed at the top rail that is connected to the bottom sash of the double hung windows. They function by swiveling open in two different directions, hence their name. One swivel direction will be used to unlock the windows, whereas the opposite direction will be used to lock the windows. When the swivel locking system is closed, a self-locking nib provides further security. When the self-locking nib is in place, the windows will not be able to open, as the swivel lock will not move in either direction. This ensures that only people inside the house can open the windows by unhinging the self-locking nib from its position.