Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security
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Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security

We have a lot of confidential corporate information in our office that we need to keep secure. Having key codes is hard because a lot of the staff forget them regularly and end up writing them down, which ends up making our office a lot less safe! As a result, we have switched to using fingerprint and facial recognition security which is working a lot better. It's not like people can forget to bring their faces into work! This blog has some tips on how to switch your office to using more modern security options like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security.

Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security

How to Organize and Protect Your Items for Long-Term Storage

Armando Davis

When preparing your items for long-term storage, you don't want to simply toss things into any box you can find or bag them up in garbage bags and put them in a storage facility. This is a surefire way to have those items get moldy or musty, eaten by moths, or otherwise damaged. You might also see that clothes get wrinkled and delicate items get crushed even if you think you're being careful. Note a few simple but important tips for organizing and protecting your items when preparing them for long-term storage.

Invest in the right boxes

Boxes you might get from a supermarket dumpster are not typically going to offer much protection for your household goods. Remember that these boxes may be made for quick transport of light items like produce and are not secure enough for holding your heavier household items. 

To invest in good boxes for storage, note what is called fluting. This is the zigzagged cardboard layer inside the outer layers, and this fluting makes boxes strong against impact. Moving and storage boxes may be rated by the amount of fluting per linear foot or meter, or by the number of layers of fluting. In both cases, note that the more fluting inside a moving or storage box, the stronger it will be against impact. If you don't see a rating for the fluting outside the box, try bending a side or a section of the lid. If it bends easily, there is not enough fluting to keep the box secure. If it feels thick and tough, this is the type of box you want for long-term storage.

Organize items

Pack delicate items in smaller boxes so you can easily stack these on top of larger boxes that are holding stronger and sturdier items. When stacking boxes, turn them halfway so that the corner of the box on top is not on the corners of the box below. This helps to disperse the weight of that top box so there is less chance of the bottom box being crushed.

If you think you'll need to access your items before getting them out of storage, make a detailed list of what's inside rather than simply marking the boxes with a particular room. You might also number your boxes and then take a photo of what's inside, and note the box number on the photo you store on your phone or tablet. Then, if you need a particular item, you can see by the photo that it's in box number eight, and so on. 

For more tips, contact a company like Store-It-Safe.