Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security
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Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security

We have a lot of confidential corporate information in our office that we need to keep secure. Having key codes is hard because a lot of the staff forget them regularly and end up writing them down, which ends up making our office a lot less safe! As a result, we have switched to using fingerprint and facial recognition security which is working a lot better. It's not like people can forget to bring their faces into work! This blog has some tips on how to switch your office to using more modern security options like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security.

Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security

Child-Proofed Doors | 3 Ways To Protect Your Doors From Inadvertent Child Tampering

Armando Davis

Having children is perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. But when your babies turn into toddlers, you'll feel a little stressed because kids are naturally curious and may end up doing things you want to protect them from. Kids inadvertently open doors to strangers or can walk out onto the road without your knowledge. You obviously want your kids to be safe, so hire professional locksmiths and consider these ways to protect your doors from inadvertent child tampering.

Install Locks With Childproof Mechanisms

Once of the best accessories for homes with toddlers is childproof locks because these don't allow kids to get out of the home as easily as they might otherwise. These locks are not designed as replacements to existing deadbolt locks on front or backdoors, but are instead additions to them. You may remove them later when your children are older and more responsible for their actions. Childproof locks are typically fitted to the top of doors and are high enough to prevent kids from reaching them, even from a bench. Your locksmiths should be able to install these types of locks with childproof mechanisms within a few hours.

Install Covers For Round Doorknob Locks

Round doorknob locks are notorious for being easy to open when you have toddlers in the house. The simple opening mechanism is enough for your kids to get into trouble. To prevent this from happening, your best option is to fit protective covers over them, which blocks your child's ability to turn the locks and open the door. Your locksmiths will fit the cover on the handle and secure it with screws and a key lock. This temporary solution means that the round doorknob can only be operated once a key opens up the cover. You can always remove these covers once your children are older.

Get Your Locksmiths To Place Child Gates On Doors

You can never be too safe when it comes to kids because their ingenuity can get them out of the home before you know it. To prevent this from happening, you can get child gates installed against doors. So, even if your children able to open the door, they may find it hard to get out. While this isn't aesthetically pleasing in any way, the safety of your kids is your topmost priority. The fact that it is only temporary means that you can remove it later.

Consider these smart ways to protect your doors from inadvertent child tampering. Contact your locksmiths before your kids end up in dangerous situations outdoors.