Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security
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Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security

We have a lot of confidential corporate information in our office that we need to keep secure. Having key codes is hard because a lot of the staff forget them regularly and end up writing them down, which ends up making our office a lot less safe! As a result, we have switched to using fingerprint and facial recognition security which is working a lot better. It's not like people can forget to bring their faces into work! This blog has some tips on how to switch your office to using more modern security options like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security.

Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security

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    Aside from installing, repairing and replacing door locks, locksmiths can also offer useful advice on how you can eliminate potential security threats in your home. Here are some expert tips on what you can do to help ensure the security of your home when you are away for vacation with your loved ones. Ensure main entryways are well lit. Main entrances such as front doors and backdoors are usually the first targets for thieves and burglars during break-in incidences.

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