Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security
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Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security

We have a lot of confidential corporate information in our office that we need to keep secure. Having key codes is hard because a lot of the staff forget them regularly and end up writing them down, which ends up making our office a lot less safe! As a result, we have switched to using fingerprint and facial recognition security which is working a lot better. It's not like people can forget to bring their faces into work! This blog has some tips on how to switch your office to using more modern security options like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security.

Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition security

  • Locking Systems You Can Choose For Double Hung Windows

    17 August 2016

    One of the more popular designs homeowners choose for their windows are double hung windows. However, despite their aesthetic value and functionality, this type of window design is not particularly secure. As such, if you would like to enhance the security of your home, then you should consider locking systems for your double hung windows. There are a number of different systems that you can choose for these windows. The different options available can give you the flexibility to leave your windows partially open or have them completely shut.

  • Types of Deadbolts You Could Install In Your Residence

    28 July 2016

    For most homeowners, keeping their home secure is of utmost importance. However. Not many homeowners know what the options available to them are. For instance, a common misconception some individuals have is that opting for deadbolts on their entryways simply involves calling on a locksmith to install them. The truth is there are a number of various options that you could choose from. Although deadbolts are one of the more secure locks you could choose, they come in different types so as fit the needs of different households.

  • What to Do When Your Key Breaks off Inside the Lock

    28 July 2016

    Your house keys are most definitely durable and designed to last, and yet they are not indestructible. You might not notice any corrosion or degradation in your keys until the worst happens—you try to unlock your front door only to have the key snap in two while still inside the lock. Hopefully you will have a key for the back door, allowing you to still gain entry to your home. If you live alone and it's too late at night to call a friend or family member who might have your spare key, then you might need to call a 24 hour locksmith so you can get inside.

  • Commonly Asked Questions about Safes Answered

    12 July 2016

    One of the most important assets your business has is its information, whether about clients, business processes or employees. Therefore, a business owner/manager must make every effort to secure this sensitive information to ensure that confidentiality is not breached. Of course, there are many questions surrounding the right choice of office safe. Below are answers to some of the most common questions. What's the best locking system? Office safes have three main lock mechanisms: biometric, key lock and digital locks.

  • How To Keep Yourself Safe When Moving

    31 May 2016

    Moving to a new home can be stressful, and the last thing you need is a break-in. In many parts of the Western world, domestic burglary rates have been falling year on year since the nineties, and in Australia your likelihood of being burgled has fallen from 2.9% to 2.5% since 1999. People who have been living in their home for less than a year are twice as likely to be burgled as average, though, so it's important to protect yourself.